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Iran Backs Peace in Balkans

Iran Backs Peace in Balkans

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi expressed the country’s support for peace, stability and calm in the Balkans.

In a meeting with Speaker of Serbia’s Parliament Vladimir Orlic, held in Tehran on Sunday, Raisi called for the promotion of relations between Iran and Serbia, especially in the economic and commercial fields.

He also emphasized the need to identify the capacities of the two countries and determine mechanisms for the development of relations in the joint commission of Iran and Serbia.

Highlighting Iran’s support for peace and stability in the Balkans, Raisi stated that Tehran does not see any obstacles in improving the level of relations with the countries of this region.

“The hegemons regulate relations with other governments only by looking at their own interests, and the leaders of countries must be vigilant in preventing their destructive influence,” the Iranian president warned.

Referring to the disgraceful failure of the sanctions against Iran, he said, “Not only wasn’t the Iranian nation deterred by the sanctions and pressure, but it has created many opportunities for growth and progress from these threats, especially in various fields of technology, which can help deepen cooperation with different countries.”

For his part, Orlic conveyed the warm greetings of the president of his country, presented a report on the latest developments in the Balkans, and thanked Iran for its support for the establishment of peace and stability in this region.

Voicing his country’s interest in developing and increasing the level of trade relations with Iran, the speaker of the Serbian parliament stated, “We are not only ready to increase the level of cooperation, but we are also working to achieve this goal, and holding a joint commission between the two countries will definitely be effective in strengthening and expanding relations, especially in the economic field.”


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