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Iran Naval Forces Get New Long-Range AI-Powered Cruise Missile

Iran Naval Forces Get New Long-Range AI-Powered Cruise Missile

A new long-range strategic cruise missile, named after Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, was delivered to the Iranian naval forces on Tuesday.

The Iranian Navy and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy took delivery of the “Abu Mahdi” cruise missiles in a ceremony attended by senior military officials.

With a range of over 1,000 kilometers, the homegrown naval cruise missile would expand Iran’s naval defense coverage zone by several times and allow the Navy units to broaden their operational range.

The Abu Mahdi missile has distinguishing features in terms of precision-strike, destructive power, bypassing maritime terrains and penetrating into the enemy’s air defense systems.

Known as the first long-range naval cruise missile whose trajectory definition and command-and-control systems have been equipped with artificial intelligence, the missile can streak at low altitudes for radar-evading maneuvers and alter its course and height in midair.

The Abu Mahdi missile has a powerful warhead capable of detonating various warships, frigates and destroyers by hitting the target from different directions.

Furnished with a robust combined navigation system and a powerful engine, the new missile can be launched from any location deep inside the Iranian territories to destroy mobile naval targets.

The missile’s seeker has both active and passive radar homing systems, which make it suitable for electronic warfare, increase its stealth capabilities, and turn the missile into a “specter” that rains on the target without being detected.

The Abu Mahdi launch system can prepare and fire several missiles at short intervals, with various trajectories, and from diverse fixed and mobile launchers.


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