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Iran not allow any separatists to approach near borders: Raisi

Iranian President on Friday and on the first day of Sacred Defense Week, addressing the armed forces in the  massive military parade in Tehran emphasized that the rights of Armenians should be reserved and is a necessity, in such a way that the rights of Armenians must be maintained in the region and the state of the borders.

He considered the security and military defense cooperation of the countries as one of the manifestations of the neighborhood policy.

Raisi added that Iran’s armed forces are ready to cooperate with all the countries of the region to build trust and confidence and are ready to cooperate to protect the Persian Gulf and the region from the presence of unnecessary foreigners.

Iranian President highlighted that the security of the region will be maintained by the armed forces of the region and the presence of foreigners is a problem of the region, Raisi emphsized.

He hailed the powerful presence of the armed forces to prevent any change in the geopolitics of the region and the change of borders.


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