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Iran Stresses Good Neighborliness in Exploiting Joint Oil, Gas Reservoirs

Iran Stresses Good Neighborliness in Exploiting Joint Oil, Gas Reservoirs

Following the recent renewal of controversy surrounding the Arash joint oil and gas field, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said Tehran observes the principles of good neighborliness and mutual interests in exploiting joint hydrocarbon reservoirs.

In a statement on Tuesday, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani reacted to the reports of conflict over the Arash joint oil and gas field.

He said delegations from Iran and Kuwait, in their latest round of legal and technical negotiations held at the level of ranking directors of the foreign ministries in Tehran on March 13, discussed the Arash field and the determination of the sea boundaries.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has always taken account of the issues relating to the determination of sea boundaries and exploitation of joint hydrocarbon resources by considering the mutual interests and the principle of good neighborliness with all neighbors, including Kuwait,” the spokesman added.

Kanaani stressed that the Iranian administration’s policy is based on dialogue, cooperation and engagement, noting that all bilateral issues are pursued within that framework.

Arash, aka al-Durra, is a strategically important Persian Gulf oil and gas field shared between Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia that is again in the news after Kuwaiti officials repeated their fallacious claims while denying Iran its legitimate rights.

The development of this gas field hinges on the resolution of a long-running ownership dispute between the three stakeholders, like some other oil or gas fields in the Persian Gulf region, Press TV reported.


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