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Iran to receive frozen funds on Monday: FM spox

Tehran, IRNA – Iran expects to receive on Monday all of its assets frozen in South Korea due to US sanctions, according to Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani.

“As a result of the cruel actions of the United States and the pressure it had exerted on some of Iran’s partners, some of our assets were blocked in South Korea, and today these assets will be available to Iran in their entirety,” Kanaani said at a press conference on Monday.

He said the Raisi administration has made headway in restoring the rights of the Iranian nation in various fields, including the release of Iran’s frozen funds in various countries.

“Having Iran’s assets released from the UK after several years was a great success,” he remarked.

Kanaani also said the process of implementing an agreement between Iran and the US on the two issues of frozen assets and prisoner swap has progressed step by step and at a favorable speed.

“We hope to receive our assets from South Korea today,” he said, adding that the exchange of prisoners, five individuals from each country, will be carried out on the same day.


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