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Iran, Venezuela to Launch Scientific-Technological Cooperation Committee

Iran, Venezuela to Launch Scientific-Technological Cooperation Committee

A joint scientific-technological cooperation committee will be set up between Iran and Venezuela to strengthen cooperation in the fields of science and technology.

The Iranian Center for International Cooperation of Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy signed a memorandum of understanding with the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology of Venezuela to bolster bilateral ties.

The MoU was inked on Thursday between Venezuela’s Vice President for Science and Technology Gabriela Jimenez Ramirez and Head of International Science and Technology Interactions Cooperation Amir Hossein Mirabadi.

Setting up the Iran-Venezuela Joint Innovation and Technology Center and designing a framework of cooperation in the fields of science and technology based on equality, justice and mutual respect have been cited as the main aims of the MoU.

Easing knowledge and technology relations, launching joint research and development (R&D), market development and joint production in Venezuela, mutual cooperation in technology parks, special programs to train and strengthen national talents, growth of scientific projects, venture investments based on technology are common goals behind setting up Iran-Venezuela Innovation and Technological Center.

Communications and Information Technology (ITC), artificial intelligence and mechatronics, medicine, medical and laboratory equipment and nanotechnology, investing in knowledge-based companies, etc. are fields of cooperation between the two countries of Iran and Venezuela.

The task of the joint committee is to create the necessary organizational, legal, technical and financial conditions for the operationalization of this memorandum.

The joint committee can hold its meetings alternately in Venezuela and Iran or virtually.


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