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Iran upgrades Fajr-5 rocket with powerful thermobaric warhead, increasing its destructive power by 1.5 times. The rocket gains increased suitability for fighting terrorists in mountainous areas.

IRGC Tests Homegrown Rocket with Thermobaric Warhead.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has upgraded the Fajr-5 rocket with a thermobaric warhead, which uses oxygen from the surrounding air to create a high-temperature explosion. This new warhead increases the rocket’s destructive power by 1.5 times that of TNT, while its lower sensitivity makes it a safer option than conventional warheads. The Fajr-5 rocket gained notoriety during the 55-day war in 2012, where it was delivered to Palestinian resistance groups and reportedly defeated the Israeli Iron Dome air defense system. The new warhead makes the Fajr-5 rocket a suitable weapon for fighting terrorists in mountainous areas. Fajr-5 is the most advanced and longest-range version of the Fajr ground-to-ground rockets.


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