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Raisi praises progress in water-transfer project in Isfahan

Tehran, IRNA – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has praised the speedy progress of a water transfer project from the Sea of Oman to the province of Isfahan, saying the timeline for completion of the project has been shortened by a third of what had initially been estimated.

The president made the remarks on Friday as he inspected the project site, which is expected to transfer 400 million cubic meters of water from the Sea of Oman to Isfahan when completed.

Raisi noted that momentum in executing the project has increased, with 50 percent of it already completed.

He stressed the critical need to supply water for drinking, industrial, and agricultural purposes in Isfahan, especially as the province is currently facing a shortage of water resources.

The president also assured that the necessary funding for the project will be provided by the government and through the Ministry of Energy.

In the first phase, the project will channel 70 million cubic meters of water from the Sea of Oman. Work on the second phase of the project was inaugurated by President Raisi on Friday.


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