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Iraqi PM stresses respect for sovereignty of neighboring countries

Tehran, IRNA – Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani has reaffirmed Iraq’s commitment to respecting the sovereignty of all nations, particularly its neighbors, emphasizing that his country will not permit its territory to be used to attack other countries.

Al Sudani made these remarks at a ceremony commemorating former Iraqi President Jalal Talabani on Wednesday, as reported by Arab media.

He stressed that Iraq is fully capable of upholding the constitution, protecting its soil from misuse, and preserving its sovereignty, describing this as a national commitment from which his country will not retreat.

The prime minister also expressed Iraq’s willingness to establish strong relations with neighboring countries.

We extend our hands to all brothers and friends to establish the best relations with neighboring countries, he said. He further emphasized the importance of foreign relations based on communication to meet national interests.

This statement follows earlier remarks made by Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein on September 19. Hussein assured that according to the security agreement, Iraq and the Iraqi Kurdistan region will not pose any threats to the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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